Dr. Hameed el-Amin’s Atlanta Speech

Dr. Hameed el-Amin, a board member of the Sister Clara Muhammad Memorial Education Foundation, was a keynote speaker at the third annual Islamic Historical Society and Research Institute of America [IHSARI] in February 2020, which was held at the Atlanta Masjid of Al Islam. Dr. Hameed focused on the socialization process, which begins in one’s mother’s womb under the guidance and direction of The Creator. However, at birth, the process continues with one’s parents, family members, and others in continuous close proximity to the baby. Socialization includes one learning the folkways and mores of one’s culture, including physical and mental behavior. It includes language; cultural traditions, such as dress styles, eating customs including types of foods, ways of acting in specific situations, recreational likes and dislikes, way of life one chooses [religious choice], and entertainment culture, among other things. Dr. Hameed focused on socialization and entertainment. His dynamic presentation was so well received that the participants did not want him to sit down when he made his closing points in his presentation.     

Atlanta, Georgia

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