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Clara Muhammad Schools Approach to Education and Curriculum Development

The Clara Muhammad Schools' approach to the philosophy, content, and methods of education is based on the guidance of The Qur'an and the commentary of Imam W D Mohammed. The Ascension of the Soul (Al Miraj) is based on the Night Journey of Mohammed the Prophet [PBUH] into the seven heavens as described in Qur'anic Sources. As a context for knowledge, the Ascension framework reconciles creation-inspired knowledge with revelation, the roots of knowledge in creation (based on the mathematics of creation) and informs the abilities and faculties of logical understanding of independent thinkers.

As all knowledge and curricula exist in a philosophical and cultural context, using this evolving approach gives us a focus for self and social development that begins with respect for the common soul (represented by Adam), evolves with respect for the obligations of faith and is established by the logic of science and reason - as exemplified by Prophet Abraham [AS] and established by Mohammed the Prophet [PBUH].


The evolving Clara Muhammad Schools' model of education inspires concepts for integrating content, methods of instruction and their application to differing levels of individual and social development.

The seven levels in the Ascension are universal and imply a unified and logical approach to knowledge, curricula, and educational methods whose content and pedagogy are in the process of being researched and developed.

The Ascension represents a Qur'anically based “philosophical” concept of why we educate and what we intend as the goal of education. This new education paradigm guides our efforts to elevate the common human soul for service to The Creator using the life example of the model man, Mohammed the Prophet [PBUH], and his example established in the community life of Medina, called the City of Enlightenment.

Our non-Muslim students from  many diverse, cultural and spiritual backgrounds  continuously interfacing with the Muslim children - many of whom are from families of converts - naturally foster the growth and development of their interfaith sensitivities, which bring additional enrichment to our curriculum and other activities in our schools

Imam WD Mohammed (ra) regarding the Ascension Framework:

“These are steps in the evolution of man who has to be responsible for society.”

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